COVID – 19 Update

Good evening, I wanted to provide an update from the Town of Eden regarding the COVID -19 pandemic.  The NYS Governor has extended his stay-at-home order to April 29th.  We are asking all residents to stay at home, unless you are an essential employee. Over the next several weeks, we ask residents to only make trips outside the home which are absolutely necessary, such as to grocery stores and pharmacies.  Please only send one person and leave children at home whenever possible.  We will begin the next round of calling our senior and at need residents this week.  In the meantime, if you need something, please call the town hall at 716-992-3408. Local municipalities have been asked to strictly enforce the no gathering orders.  This is intended for both residents and businesses. In light of the upcoming religious holidays, we are urging you to reconsider large family gatherings. Until further notice, all playgrounds in the Town of Eden are closed. We are also strictly enforcing the no non-essential construction order. Any construction that is not deemed essential or necessary to protect the health and safety of Eden residents needs to stop immediately.  In accordance to the CDC’s most recent recommendations, we are asking that all residents wear a non-surgical face mask when in public.  There are several ways to make your own, including wearing a handkerchief or scarf.  I recognize that this is a very stressful and uncertain time. Your understanding and patience is appreciated.  These measures are making a difference and will continue to save lives.  I also would like to thank our emergency responders, healthcare, grocery store, and pharmacy workers, along with all essential employees risking their lives to help others. Please take care of yourselves.  We will get through this together.