Covid-19 Update
November, 16, 2020
In the past week, Eden’s positive Covid-19 cases increased by 41. This is a startling number and needs to be taken very seriously. The recent increase is not due to one particular source, it is widespread.
We all must work together to reduce the spread. We are asking that every Eden resident do their part and please wear your mask, wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing. Until we start to do all of these things, we believe the numbers will continue to increase.
Residents of all ages are testing positive. Please remain vigilant as many children are asymptomatic but can spread the virus. Also, many positive cases are reporting cold-like symptoms. If you are experiencing any symptoms, we urge you to stay home and recommend you get tested. Please call the Erie County Department of Health at 716-858-2929 to get information on here to get tested or visit the State website
While holidays are very special for every family, we need to use common sense when planning our Thanksgiving celebrations this year. The CDC guidelines recommend that you limit your gathering to those that reside in your household. If this is something that can’t be achieved, guests from outside the household should wear a mask when not eating. We recognize that this is not ideal, however it may save lives.