Mailing Address
Code Review Committee
Eden Town Hall
2795 East Church Street
Eden, New York 14057

Committee Chairperson

Andrew Reidel

Code Review Committee

The Code Review Committee reviews and evaluates existing Town of Eden Zoning and Code Ordinances. These often include zoning ordinances that may require revision, updating building codes to be consistent with any State or Federal new/updated codes, and new subjects such as establishing regulations for energy conservation goals. After review, the Committee members recommend and seek adoption of such rules, regulations, policies, or ordinances by the Town Board.  It is also the goal of this Committee to be consistent with the Town of Eden’s Comprehensive Master Plan, as well as seek input from other Town Boards and Eden residents before any changes are proposed.

Currently under discussion and review:

  1. 5G Local Law regulating small cell wireless facilities
  2. Special Event Code and permitting process
  • Frank Meyer (Chairman)
  • Bob Stickney
  • Drew Riedel
  • Norm Eckhardt
  • Sarah Buchanan
  • Dan Malarkey
  • Mike Byrnes (Town Board Liaison)
  • Dave Rice (Code Enforcement Officer)
  • Shelly Grieble (Administrative Assistant)