Recording of the August 10, 2022 meeting:

Recording of the July 27, 2022 meeting:


August 24, 2022– 7pm

Meeting will be held at the Eden Town Hall and livestreamed through Go To Meeting

Join the meeting at:

You can also dial in using your phone: (408) 650-3123 Access Code: 130-244-557


Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comments on Agenda Items Only

New and Old Business

  1. Personnel Policy
  2. Proposed Local Law #7-2022

 Hearing of Visitors

Executive Session (if needed)

Public Hearings

7:00pm – proposed Local Law #7-2022, adopting the Local Option under Section 485-g of the NYS Real Property Tax Law for Temporary, Partial Exemptions for Building Lots located in developments with infrastructure being dedicated to the town or a special district