May 22, 2024 – 7pm

Meeting will be held at the Eden Town Hall and through Go To Meeting

Join the meeting at https://meet.goto.com/974598293

You can also dial in using your phone: (872) 240-3311 Access Code: 974-598-293


Pledge of Allegiance

Public Comments on Agenda Items Only

New Business

  1. Presentation from the Historical Society
  2. Appoint Emily Sullivan as part-time Administrative Assistant
  3. Equitable Business Opportunities system
  4. Waiver of 30-Day Municipality Notification for Liquor License – Smokeys Saloon
  5. Annual Unified Court System Audit
  6. VFIS policy
  7. Special Use Permits for Eden II PV, LLC – solar facilities

Work Session

  1. Code changes to regulate Retail Cannabis sale

Hearing of Visitors

Executive Session (if needed)