Eden has been awarded the New York Main Street Grant and a Parks Grant for Bley Road Mill

Eden was named a recipient of the New York State Main Street Grant for $300,000.  This grant will assist local businesses to revitalize/enhance their building.  It is a 50/50 match grant so there is a potential to bring $600,000 of improvements to Eden’s hamlet business community. Grant administration will begin in early 2019. Businesses that are eligible for the funding will be contacted by the Town. In addition to the NYS Main Street grant, Eden was also awarded a NYS Parks Grant in the amount of $20,000. The Town of Eden will develop a feasibility study for the preservation and adaptive reuse of Croop’s Mill on Bley Road along Eighteen Mile Creek. The study aims to identify necessary measures to stabilize the structures, capitalize on its heritage, develop means for access to the Creek, expand economic opportunities through recreation and tourism, and provide an educational connection to agriculture.